Event Duration: Dec.21 11:00 – Dec.28 11:00 (UTC)

During the event, when users create/import Solana addresses on Huobi Wallet, we will randomly select 2000 eligible users to share $5000 worth of SOL.

How to participate:

1. Fill out the form with your Solana address

Notice: The Solana address should be newly created on huobi wallet or imported onto Huobi Wallet.

Event Rules:

  • During the event, users need to use Huobi Wallet to create/import Solana addresses.
  • The same address, device and IP shall be entitled to one reward.

  • Airdrop rewards will be issued within 3 working days after the end of the event.

  • If fraudulent behavior is discovered, Huobi Wallet has the right to cancel the qualification of the address associated with such behavior for the reward.

  • Huobi Wallet reserves the final interpretation right of this event.
  • This activity is not related to Apple inc.